December 3, 2018 Cory Marr

Insurance for Photographers & Videographers

Professional Liability insurance covers your photography business if you’re sued for performing professional services, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Get a quote and buy online in under five minutes. Liability and equipment insurance for photographers starting as low as $18.15/month with Apollo Insurance. 

As a photographer or videographer, your art is your business. What many photographers do not know is that if you’re exchanging your services for money, your tools — cameras, gear, and equipment — is considered “commercial.” As a result, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, which is intended to cover personal items, may not respond to commercial losses.

Why do photographers need insurance?

Photography and videography equipment is expensive, and losing it to theft, accident, or damage could be catastrophic whether you’re a professional or an amateur. Apollo offers liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, camera gear, equipment coverage, and more insurance products designed specifically for photographers & videographers.

What insurance do photographers need?

As a photographers you provide a specialized service for your clients. Apollo insurance offers a customized small business insurance package tailored to fit your photographer insurance needs.

There are many other types of insurance which could be relevant to you personally or your business, make sure to speak with our staff to learn more about your unique needs.

What does contents insurance cover for a photography business?

Contents insurance for a photographer covers the physical things your business owns, like cameras, lenses, computers, props, studio tenant improvements, or costs associated with relocating in the event of fire, water damage, flood, theft, or other perils including in the policy.

These physical items are covered on a replacement cost basis, meaning if they are totally destroyed the insurance policy pays for a similar item new. It is important to have a high enough contents limit to replace everything in your business.  

What does cyber liability insurance cover for a photography business?

Cyber liability insurance for photographer can cover a variety of risks depending on the specific policy chosen. Generally it will cover professional fees to discover the nature of the loss, be it a hacker or another type of breach, and can also in some cases include notification expenses to formally notify all individuals whose data was compromised. Even something as simple as a client list with their contact information can be an exposure your photography business faces.

How to buy insurance for a photography business?

It only takes five minutes or less to apply for a quote and purchase professional liability, general liability, and contents & equipment insurance through our easy application process for photographers.

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How is insurance priced for photography business?

The cost of your insurance as a photographer depends on many factors which are addressed in the application. These can include revenue, limits of insurance selected, deductible selected, employees and claims history. See how much it costs in just a few minutes.

All coverage summaries are for reference information only, please consult actual policy wording for specific coverage afforded.